Language is for Plant Lovers
Language is for Plant Lovers

Episode 5 · 9 months ago

Keanu + Chamomile - a perfect pair for matters of the Matrix / Matricaria recutita


In this episode, we are going to explore the plant commonly referred to as Chamomile, otherwise known as its Latin botanical name, Matricaria recutita. Is this the drink of choice for Keanu Reeves on the set of the Matrix? Stay tuned to find out. + - eco-conscious art by Ren Elizabeth - support this podcast - join me on Twitter

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Traditional ways that Chamomile has been utilized throughout the ages
  • Identifying features of Chamomile
  • The etymology of Matricaria and how it connects us to the Matrix
  • Is chamomile circumcised?
  • Which kind of chamomile is more nobile than the other?
  • Some fun facts about my favorite kind of Sherry

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Hello and welcome to languages or plant lovers, a multilayered podcast that explores the meaning of plant names in various languages. I'm run Elizabeth, and informal environmentalist, abudding herbalist and artist and a language NERD. My goal here is to encourage you to develop a relationship with plants through history and linguistics. In this episode, we're going to have some tea with the plant commonly referred to as German cameramail, and will also be learning about this plant's botanical name, Montre Karia Ricout Tita. Should cameramilt be the drink of choice for Keanu reeves as he dives into the matters of the Matrix? Maybe he'll listen to this episode to find out why he should do that, if he doesn't already have cameramail te on set. MONTRECARIA ricout TITA. To clarify, that is spelled m Atri see aria are ECU TI TA. This is the plants botanical or scientific name. A botanical name is made up of two words, typically in Latin or Greek, where the first name is the genus and the last is the species. So there are other plants that have Montreycaria as their so called first name. In addition to what we're looking at today, camera Maal, and these are known as being in the Cameramal or may weed genus. Then we...

...have, for example, the Word Ricout Tita, which clarifies which member of Camera Maal we have German Cameramal. Camera Mail is perhaps one of the more common and wellknown herbs out there. It grows easily in gardens. I had a whole bed in my garden sets aside for it last growing season and it was prolific. Cameramal is a part of the aster or daisy family, which is fitting because it really does look like a smaller version of a daisy. CAMERAMAL has a yellow center, which are actually little florets surrounded by white petals. The stems branch out and have sort of a brackish growing pattern to them, with many heads growing on a singular plant stem and its branches. The cameramail I grew average just over a foot in height, but they can grow up to two feet tall. German camera meal is an annual plant, but apparently it's so seeds pretty easily, so future generations will linger in the same place, and I'm really hoping that that's true, because I think I just need a never ending supply of camera meal ty. If you're walking by a camera male garden bed, the aroma of the plants is so good, you might think that you're walking by an apple orchard instead of a bed of cameral, because it does smell a lot like apples. CAMERAMAL has a really high concentration of essential oils which actually, when they're fresh, come out a blue color, which is really interesting, and it's that high level of essential oil...

...that amplifies the fragrance of the plant. Before we I've into different ways that this plant has traditionally been utilized. I'd like to remind you that I'm not a doctor and everything here is for educational purposes only. This isn't medical advice. Please talk to your doctor for that, and also remember that proper identification is essential before while crafting and foraging, cameramial is traditionally worked with for a variety of ailments. Pretty much anything that your feeling that is off of center, Cameramil probably will help you with it. It's part of why I agree so much of it. In my garden last year you'll often see cameramal recommended for soothing stomach aches, for helping intestinal menstul or muscle cramps. It supports sleep. Cameramail can also help with anxiety. Studies and animals have shown that cameramail can help with pain as it is anti inflammatory, and its supports the heart as it can gower cholesterol. topically. Cameramail can't be applied on the skin, and that's helpful because it has a bacteria sidal effect. You might also see guard and remedies that recommend working with a strong cameramel tea infusion to fight off any bacterial growth, mildew or mold in the garden. So where does the name cameramail come from? Kama melon is the Greek word for camemeal,...

...which literally means Earth Apple. Come I means on the ground and Malon means apple, like I mentioned earlier, with the apple like scent of Camerameal, this name makes a lot of sense. In Spanish, the word for camerameal also has a similar meaning. Mansonia is the Spanish word for camerameal, and that's derivative of the word for Apple, man Sanna. So when I was in college, I spent a semester in Spain, the south, and I learned about the delights of the beverage Preste Mensinia. In English, that is Sherry. Hares is Sherry and Mencinia is the word for camerameal. So I was there, I was very attracted to heresy Mencinia because I just thought of it as Cameramal, sharing thinking that maybe it was sherry that was made with Cameramal in some way, and maybe I should have asked somebody, but I didn't. So I very much enjoyed this has day Mencinia and later on I researched to discover why was this called Harras a Mencinia. Is it because it is made with camerameal? No, but it does resemble camera mail tea and color and it does have a apple like floral scent to it. It is one of the more dry sherries, so it's not a sweet tasting Sherry.

Continuing with our Spain theme for just a moment, I would like to highlight a endangered plant that is known as camera mail of the Sierra Nevada, or in Spanish, Mencinia de Sierra Nevada. This plant grows in the south of Spain, in a very small region in the altitudes of the Sierra Nevada. However, it is not really related to camera meal, as its Latin name is Artemisia Grana tensis. GRANA tensis is referring to the fact that it's from the area of the city of Granada. The genus Artmisia includes plants like Mug Wart and Wormwood Mencinia. They Sierra Nevada has been on the red list of threatened species since two thousand and eleven. This plant is just one to be aware of, but probably one that you're not going to see unless you're hiking in the south of Spain. Moving on to other languages, in France, Italian, creation, Hungarian, Finnish, etc. The word for camera meal sounds pretty similar to how we say it in English. In Latin we have a instance of this plants botanical name being different from the classical Latin word for camera meal. So back in Latin speaking times it wasn't all of the time that they called plants by the names that we know as being scientific nomenclature... One of the Latin words through Cameramal was privy three. That word you might recognize as Privythrium, which is an insecticide like permethron. But you don't need to be a chemist to create a gentle insecticide for your garden, as Cameramal naturally has this compound in it. So if your garden is being pestered by bugs, a really kind and gentle way to deter them from your garden is to water your plants with Cameramal or have a Cameramal fullier spray, and that way you are honoring the environment, you're honoring your body, especially if you are ingesting those plants or if you're the one who is spraying the plants. If it's just cameramal tea that, you know that it's pretty safe. So let's dive into the etymology of Matricaria ricout Tita. Matricaria comes from the Latin Word Matrix. This isn't some precursor to Keanu reeves and the Matrix. Instead, the word in Latin actually meant woomb. Matrix being connected to the word womb connects to our other modern day English words of Matriarchy, mother, matter and material. In fact, in Latin the word for mother is matter, just with one tea instead of two. So camemal is named after the womb, after Matrix Matricaria, because it is really supportive for those who...

...are having menstral cramps and any residual sleep difficulties and stomach upset that may accompany them. Because came meal is known to be anti spasmodic and Anti Inflammatory, it helps with cramping of the uterus and, addition to cramping of the stomach and the intestines. So maybe it's not for Keanu Reeves, but he does seem like the kind of guy who would drink camera meal tea. anyways. While metricaria connects to the womb, very coudita actually means circumcised, but not in the way that we think of this word in modern times. So if we break down the word circumcised, circum means to go around, similar to our modern day geometry terminology of circumference. Or you might have heard of the term circumnavigate, of somebody is going fully around the globe. Size means to cut. This suffix of size we have in the words scissors or are incisor teeth. So the reason why is more so because the petals go around and cut into the center of the yellow floor. It's so there's this energy of circumnavigating the center shining outwards. Quite often the shape of the plant is likened to the rays of the sun, and so it's just a strange coincidence that these terms are put together in the botanical name of German Cameramal. Just that...

...we would be a little bit remiss to not briefly mentioned the quote unquote other camerameal, or Roman camera meal. The Latin name for Roman cameramal is anthemis. Nobilis. ANTHEMIS is another Latin term for camemeal and it comes from the Greek word Anthos, meeting flower. Nobilis is the Latin word for noble and it was named Nobillis because Romans thought that their camerameal was better than German came meal. While both plants are called camemeal and we kind of talked about them interchangeably, their properties are different and they have different genus names. Roman cameramal is in the ANTHEMIS genus and German camemeal is in the MONTRECARIA genus. To highlight a second endangered plant species. While Roman camemeal isn't technically endangered, it is listed as vulnerable in Great Britain. The plant is on a pretty fast decline in the United Kingdom. The reason for this is habitat loss, over harvesting and draining water from the grasslands in wet winters. At the queue gardens they have four different kinds of Roman camemeal in their millennium seed bank. This includes the last remaining seeds from the dorset heath populations. In this area of Dorset the population decreased by ninety percent since one thousand nine hundred and thirty and...

...if you'd like to learn more about the queue gardens program with Roman camerameal, check the link in the show notes for more information folklore, sayings and other traditional implementations of camerameal. In the Middle Ages camemal was added as an ingredient for beer, as a bitter and as a way to preserve the beer. So while you may think of camemeal as a sweet and soothing drink, when it is brewed for a long time it does have a bitter quality to it. This is a great plant to work with if you want to introduce more digestive bidders into your daily routine but you don't really like the bitter taste. So this is a good middle ground. It did introduction or gateway into bit your things. If you do like bitcher things, or even if you don't, you should check out episode three of the PODCAST, which is all about the delight of Sendawy, one of the most bitcher plants. Moving on in Italy, their way of saying take a chill pill is essentially saying have a cup of Cameramal tea friend that the UNAKAMOMELA, and I think that that is amazing. In German Pagan religions, Camera Mail was gathered on May Day to freshen up beds for love making. The German people have a word for camera...

...mail. As I sue VER TRUT I don't speak German, I probably did not say that correctly. I apologize to all my German speaking listeners out there, but this, this word that they have for Chim meal, translates to completely trustworthy. It is said that back in the Times of the teutonic tribes, the Cameramal plant was dedicated to their Sun God because of the plants resemblance to the sun. Similarly, in Egypt, Cameramil was also dedicated to the Sun God. Some fun folklore with camerameal. If you're looking to attract money, you could place some cameramail in your wallet. It'll at least make the wallet feel more full. For a bit of luck, you can wash your hands with cameramail water. Make sure that you have you brew tea before you wash your hands, that the water has called down. You can also carry a little bit of Cameramil in your pocket to enhance your luck on a given day. It'll at least make you smell good. If you would like to attract love, you can wear some camemeal in your hair, which would just look amazing. Last but not least, in the Middle Ages it was a practice to scatter some camerameal on the floor to add to the fragrance of the household and decleanse the room of negative spirits. Maybe there's a way to make some camera meal tea and then dry out the tea flowers that you've soaked and then scatter them around. It just seems a little wasteful people in the Middle Ages to just scatter camera meal on the ground. Maybe it was such an...

...ample plants that it was it was fine. It seems a little bit extreme to just scatter very precious camera meal all over the floor. So is camera meal something you should bring with you when you enter the Matrix? It might be. With all of its beneficial soothing properties. It's folklore of luck and protection. Look better plan to have on hand before going on an adventure. Thanks for listening. If you're into art that deals with plants conservation, check out my at sea shop, herbal landline dot et seacom. If you'd like to support this podcast, check out kofidcom. Forward, slash plants lovers, until next time. Thanks for nerding out with me.

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